Sharon Dill is a Certified Professional Hypnotist, who studied and qualified with The South African Institute of Hypnotism. She started practicing as a hypnotist and hypnotherapist over 11 years ago and has helped hundreds of people to transform their lives and create lasting success and abundance in all areas of their lives.

Even in childhood, Sharon had a fascination with how the world worked. When she grew up, her interest switched to “How Does Manifesting Work?”

After many years of trying to understand the process of Manifesting, she had her first manifesting success, when she manifested her full-time hypnosis practice in just 3 months. She went directly from a corporate job into starting her own business.

In her first month of her new business, she equaled her corporate salary. Within five months, she tripled her corporate salary.

Her book, From Trauma To Abundance, chronicles the story of how she made the transition from a traumatic and difficult background, into being able to manifest her dreams.

Sharon takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery, to heal their past, overcome their blocks, and learn to manifest their dreams in her book From Trauma To Abundance.

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