Sharon Dill fully qualified hypnotist, and author of Trauma To Abundance, chronicles her journey from a traumatic childhood into being able to manifest a powerful and richly rewarding life for herself. This book can help you to transform your life too.

Sharon shares her manifesting secrets which are easy, fun and failproof.

This powerful book is full of amazing techniques to help you shift from trauma, disappointment and failure, into a powerful state, of being able to apply The Law Of Attraction to manifest abundance in every area of your life!

What People Are Saying:

"I wasn't even half way through the book when my life started to change."

"My business is rocketing, and I have a strong sense of joy and self worth."

"The results have been nothing short of amazing! I'm even teaching my young son these techniques - imagine what his life is going to look like!"

"I had a stellar day today and each day gets better, I feel like an absolute Rockstar!"

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Shift From Trauma Into Abundance

Six powerful hypnosis sessions to shift your life - overcome limiting thoughts, let go of negativity and self-sabotage, shift trauma and fear, and step into Abundance. You will also learn powerful techniques to embrace and open to manifesting a beautiful life for yourself.

A powerful 6 session course to shift you from fear into Abundance.

This course consists of 6 empowering induvial hypnosis sessions with Sharon - available in office in Johannesburg, or online virtual sessions.

Available in office in Johannesburg, or online virtual sessions.

Six empowering one-on-one sessions to shift your world - R7650

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Course Two - Learn To Manifest Abundance

Four powerful hypnosis sessions to activate Abundance in your life. Learn how to work with manifesting energy, how to get your mind to work for you, at attract wonderful things into your life. 

A powerful 4 session course to shift you into Manifesting Abundance in your life.

This course consists of 4 empowering induvial hypnosis sessions with Sharon. Please note that if you have unresolved trauma, it is better to take Course One, as you will need 6 sessions.

Available in office in Johannesburg, or online virtual sessions.

Four powerful sessions to activate abundance - R5350

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Law Of Attraction Course ~ Buy Now

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